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“I am beyond pleased with My Little Pawz. Duima is amazing and you can tell she loves all her fur babies!”


“I have one chihuahua and I love my baby girl. They are good dogs.”


“I got a Chorkie for my daughter. She kept us posted and sent us pictures as he grew. I highly recommend My Little Pawz. Till this day she follows up on Cease”r


“I got my Pomeranian from My Little Pawz and we love him so much! I definitely recommend them, they are very professional and trustworthy.”


Meet our Dogs


Bambi is our purebred Teacup Apple-head Chi. Bambi has a white/cream coat and he weighs around 4 Ibs. He is our beautiful proven Stud. We got Bambi in 2019. He has the funniest personality!


Chloe is our purebred Chihuahua. Chloe has a white/black coat and she weighs around 5 Ibs. She has had one litter of beautiful puppies. Chloe was also the first dog we got in 2017 together with Mia. She is so attached to me and follows me everywhere!


Peanut is our purebred Micro Apple-head Chihuahua. Peanut is fawn with a black mask and she weighs 4 pounds. She is our tiniest baby and we got her in 2019 together with Bambi. Peanut is so cute and looks so much smaller in person!


Nala is our purebred Micro Apple-head Chihuahua. She is daughter of Peanut. Nala has a beautiful unique Merle coloring is estimated to weigh around 4 pounds full grown, She is still a puppy but is full of energy and has a spunky personality!


Dixie is our purebred Teacup Pomeranian. Dixie has a beautiful orange/white coat and she weighs around 6 pounds. We got Dixie in 2019. She is the chillest dog and she loves everyone! 


Simba is our purebred AKC Pomeranian. Simba has a red coat and weighs 5 pounds. He is our stud. Simba is super sweet and loves to lay next to you!

Lady Fifi

Fifi is our purebred AKC Teacup Poodle. She is still a puppy but has  great personality full of energy. Fifi has an Apricot coat and weighs 3 pounds. She is our new addition. Teacup Poodles coming soon!


 Mia is our Rottweiler/Pitbull designer breed. She has a brindle coat and she weighs around 70 pounds. She has had one litter of beautiful Rottsy puppies, which is a mix with Husky. Mia was the first dog we got in 2017. She is the sweetest girl ever!

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